Optimum pH balance For Optimum Health

The human body is designed to be alkaline, yet today's lifestyles can lead to acidity in our blood and vital tissues.  If nothing is done to counter this, it can lead to many serious health issues.

By keeping a healthy pH balance, we can build up our body's immune system through proper oxygenation, thus promoting optimum health.

To achieve optimum health, we believe it is vitally important to maintain correct hydration along with the best nutrition.  This gives our body the best possible chance of keeping a high immune system, so able to fight against health problems.

Alkaline Water Filters

The Optimum Health Store supplies the latest in alkaline ionized water products, including the major brand Biocera with their ever popular Alkaline Water Jug Filter. This unique alkaline filter jug was the first of its kind to be introduced to the UK, and offers everyone affordable access to the many health benefits associated with ionized water. 

Biocera have been at the forefront of bioceramic research for the past 20 years, and specialize in the use of natural bioceramic technologies to purify, alkalize and enrich drinking water.

Super-food and Dietary Supplements

Along with Alkaline Water Products, we supply green super-food supplements, including the award winning Green Vibrance Powder from Vibrant Health, and their latest complete meal replacement Maximum Vibrance

With over two decades of dedicated research, Vibrant Health have established themselves as a major supplier of high quality super-food powders.

Healthy Oils

We also supply healthy oils, including the quality organic oils from Omega Nutrition, along with alkalizing, oxygenating and detoxifying supplements.  Healthy Oils help promote optimum health by supporting the immune system, the cardiovascular system and the neurological system.

Omega Nutrition have for over 25 years been producing organically produced cold pressed flax oil, being the first company in North America to do so.

Optimum Health Store's Quality Service Commitment

All of the products on the Optimum Health Store are carefully selected for the best quality, effectiveness and value for money.  We are committed to providing people with the highest quality nutritional products that they need to obtain optimum Health and wellness. 

Combined with free delivery to anywhere in the UK and EU, you can shop with confidence.

Optimum Health Blog

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